Glu Mobile is steadily growing into FIFA Mobile

  • 5 Reasons Why Electronic Arts Is Buying Glu Mobile.On the insides of a $1.2 billion deal to FIFA Coins purchase U.K.-based Codemasters (announced in late 2020), Electronics is now currently scooping up one of the top mobile game developers at the world.Here are five charts that illustrate why Electronics is investing $2.1 billion to purchase Glu Mobile.

    Over the previous ten years, EA used acquisitions to build a diversified mobile portfolio, which now constitutes 13 percent of total bookings. It's dozens of mobile names, such as old hits . Zombies alongside mobile versions of EA Sports titles like FIFA Mobile.

    However, EA's mobile business has struggled to rise in the past few decades. Mobile bookings, excluding accreditation revenue, dropped 10% in fiscal 2020, which accompanied a 13% decrease the year before.The mobile segment has performed well over the previous year with strong results from Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and FIFA Mobile, but as a group, EA's mobile games have been underperforming a market that's growing at elevated double prices.

    Meanwhile, Glu Mobile is steadily growing into a top mobile game manufacturer, driven by strong results from the top three franchises -- Design Home, Tap Sports Baseball, along with Covet Fashion. With the addition of Glu Mobile, EA is going to have big and growing cellular company earning $1.32 billion in bookings. That includes more than 100 million monthly players on cellular, bringing in EA's global reach throughout console, computers, and cellular platforms to 430 million players.

    There are lots of synergies between these two game manufacturers. Glu Mobile's group, led by former Electronics veteran Nick Earl, has shown quite adept at producing, analyzing, and launch titles across various genres, such as sports, role-playing, and lifestyle titles. EA's specialty is designing sports matches under its EA Sports label, however Glu Mobile has also demonstrated it can always grow a mobile sports franchise. The teams in EA Sports and Glu Sports can obviously share ideas to buy FIFA Mobile Coins make even better at what they do so well.