Light Wooden plank- You concentrate your balance

  • Light Wooden plank- You concentrate your balance and OSRS gold make yourself light so your weight does not break the plank-agility-if you fail, you will either drop off the board, or the board will snap in half, sending you to the pool of sand that expects below. Monkey Bars-old style park monkeybars-agility-if you fail, you fall and smack into the floor

    Rock Throw-your character throws stones at a turn on a wall above a door, which will open the door-strength-If you fail, the rock just misses and you keep throwing rocks until you hit the change. Vine and Zipline-You climb a vine till a stage, where you slip down a zipline-agility and strength-you fail either because the vine snaps (causing to autumn and take 2 damage) or once you slide down the Zipline and slam full-force into the wall in the end (which induces 3 damage)

    Wet pole Jump-you jump on poles across a pond-agility- should you fail you slip on the wet poles and fall to the oceans, causing 1 damage, swim back and try again. Tremendous Dive-Things get tougher here. There's a large, broad pit full of water. You do a head first dive into the pit and then into the water, then you grow up the ladder set onto the wall- agility- If you fail you do a giant belly-flop giving 5 damage, then continue on

    Swinging Axes-You run beyond 5 swinging axes- agility- should you fail an axe cuts doing 6 harm, which will also send you back a bit. Rockslides and avalanches- you operate through a ravine while stones and boulders autumn, you need to dodge themagility -if you get hit you drop down and take 5 damage.

    Double softball swing- you swing from ropes again, but this time you swing from 1 rope to another- agility- if you fail you miss the second rope and dive in the pool of sand below. Throughout the Fire and The Flames- there's a dragon at the end of this obstacle and its own shooting bolts of fire at you! Raging Bull- there's a bull raging at you, and you need to stop it to pass and run to cheap RuneScape gold the finish line! When you input the bulls territory, it is going to chrage you. When this occurs your personality will place himself, then he grabs the bulls horns and if he doesnt fail, he'll throw the bull to the floor - strength and agility - if you fail, then the bull slams into sending you flying straight back, or when you catch his horns he moves you out, both inducing 9 damage.