Medical Building- This is where you wake up if you faint during

  • Medical Building- This is where you wake up if you faint during a race, (explained later) or to get healed. Croud Pier- Should you wish, you might come here to see a race with different people (it is all up to jagex if your character acually sits down while OSRS gold you watch) Also in the racing square, you will discover a person named Ricky Racer, speak to him to get a racing tutorial .

    Suggest more buildings and such if needed! Now for inputting races: To put in just walk up to a booth in the sign up construction. Your options: I'd like to go into a race. Nothing Acually. If you select to go into a race, you will be placed in a waiting room. Once the room has 5 people in it, then the race starts!

    To begin a 5 race just speak with a person at a booth. However, to begin a one on one race, then you have to right click some 1 ONLY in the sign up construction. Then click on the option: obstacle (insert title ) If the challenge is accepted the race immediatly starts. Now for the racing itself: At the Rush: 5 Race and One on One are exactly the same, except the Number of people. There are 5 lanes to get a 5 race and two lanes for ONe on One races, which means you may just remain in your lane to prevent individuals from folowing different racers!

    It's recommened you keep run on throughout the race. . .or youll lose. Once the whistle is blown, start running to your very first obstacle, YES obstacle. This is the area where strength and agility come in. There are various obstacles, and Old School RuneScape Gold weather your endurance and strength are lvl 1-99, you can always attempt these obstacles. However if your lvl 1 on every skill theres almost no chance you will even make it on the end. Bear in mind, the higher the skill the simpler you will do. If you fail an obstacle you get slowed downagain. Also some obstacles may damage you if failed. Should you lose all your health, you faint and wake up in the medical building.