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    Despite some heavy handed mood swings from Atreus later on, the relationship between Kratos and his son is superbly pitched. Both of them initially struggle to come to terms with their relationship, Kratos struggling with his inner demons, Atreus with his father's hitherto absence and fury. It isn't immune to cliche, but does well to avoid becoming too saccharine.

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    James Bullman, the attorney representing Bonadona, said in an interview that he and his client are "absolutely thrilled" by the Friday ruling. A spokesman for Louisiana College said the school plans to file an objection to Hornsby's decision. Brewer has repeatedly denied Bonadona's allegations and said the coach was simply not his first choice..

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    [more inside]posted by Beethoven's Sithon Nov 3, 2018 who is "American Dams"?Do you have any information on, or experience with, a new nonprofit called American Dams? It was organized just last year, in Bedford, Va., and its website, which does not come up on a google search, is here. It is listed but not reviewed on Charity Navigator or Guidestar, with no mission statement, no assets, and filing a 990N (financial assets under $50K). Coincidentally or not, it came into being at the same time that a small dam in a nearby town was slated for removal.

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