A guide to the best back pain pillow

  • Do you suffer from back pain? Is the back pain impacting your daily routine? Have you spent several sleepless nights due to back pain? Studies have found that half of the world's population suffer from the issue of back pain due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Back pain is a disability that tends to prevent you from daily activities such as exercising, standing, walking, sitting and sleeping. Although the over counter pills such as analgesics help in reducing the impact of the back pain but the overdose of it can lead to health complications.


    Keeping in mind the issue of back pain science has designed back pain relief pillow. The primary cause of back pain is straining of the nerves and tension of the muscles. Back pain impacts the lower and upper part of the back. The symptoms of back pain arise primarily due during bending, sitting and standing. Regular back pain can be an indication of severe health complications such as arthritis, osteoporosis and spondylitis. The best cure for back pain is opting for back sleeper pillow and regular exercising. The market, keeping in mind the different types of back pain, has several varieties of pillows. So here is a list of some of the best back and stomach pain pillow.

    The different types of back pain pillow

    In today's sedentary lifestyle, we tend to spend hours infront of the computer, and this increases the chances of slouching, which causes back pain. The best way to avoid this is with the use of a chair pillow for back pain. Traditional bed pillow causes an increase in the back pain; this is why the special design back pain pillows are advised. Here is a list of the best type of back pain pillows.

    1. Regular pillow

     These are the traditional pillows that have a simple pillow cover. These types of pillows are filled with buckwheat, kapok cotton, wool and cotton. Regular pillows tend to wear away with daily usage. These pillows are economical and found in every house.

    1. Dual profile pillow

     These are medium feel pillow with raised rounded edges that support the curve of the neck. These are the best pillow for upper back pain as they provide support to the neck and shoulders. They are also known as wedge pillows and are meant for people recovering from chronic pain.

    1. Travel pillow

    These are U shaped pillows that provide support to the neck during long commutes. These are the pillows that are also suitable for people facing difficulty in sleeping with long hair during long travels.

    1. Coccyx cushions

    These pillows have depression or hole in them. They help to take the pressure off the tailbone or the coccyx region. It is meant for people with coccygeal pain or those suffering from a bruised or broken coccyx. These are the best pillow for lower back pain.

    1. Lumbar support pillow

    These pillows fit into the natural curve between the lower spine and chair. Lumbar pillow help in maintaining the natural curve of the lower back. These are ideal Pillow For Lower Back Pain.

    So these are a few types of back pain. For more information about the back pain, visit eliterest.com.