Consequences of Improper Tension of Copper Enameled Wire

  • In the electromagnetic wire manufacturers, we can see that the manufacturing process of copper enameled wire mainly includes: paying-off, annealing, painting, baking, cooling, lubrication, and winding up. On a normal operation enameled wire machine, most of the energy and physical strength of the operators are consumed in the paying-off part. Replacing the paying-off disc causes the operators to pay a lot of labor. During wire replacement, the joints are prone to quality problems and running faults. The effective method is large-capacity paying-off.

    The key to the copper enameled wire is to control the tension. When the tension is high, it not only thins the conductor, making the surface of the conductor lose its brightness, but also affects many properties of the copper enameled wire. From the outside, the copper enameled wire coated by the thinned wire has poor luster. From the performance point of view, the elongation, resilience, flexibility and thermal shock of copper enameled wire are all affected. The pay-off tension is too small, and the thread is easy to jump, causing the problem of parallel thread or thread touching the furnace exit. When unreeling, it is most afraid of uneven tension in half a turn, which not only makes the wires loose and broken, and the wires are thinned one by one, but also causes big jump inside the oven, causing parallel and collision faults. Therefore, the unreeling tension should be uniform and appropriate.

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