What Is The Engineering Involved In Hydraulic Seamless Tubes

  • From the point of view of hydraulic seamless tubes, the most crucial issue in each project is the fundamentals of engineering that includes decision making on project execution for the later stages comprising detail deign, commissioning and installation. Even in the stages of basic designing, exact and concise decisions are important for the success of the step involved next. If the basic engineering is not done properly and has loopholes, there will be manufacturing defects later on and these are especially notable when technical specifications are to be met.

    The piping requirements are determined such as preferred working pressure, highest pressure, maximum flow rate, suitable pressure drops and categorization requirements.

    Piping standards

    Piping standards are based on 3 diverse conditions:

    • Ice conditions -50 °C
    • Normal dry indoor conditions
    • High humidity outdoor conditions

    For the input phase of the project, the fundamentals of engineering for hydraulic seamless tubes are dependent on the following simple steps:

    • Define oil flow, pressure to help identify piping size
    • Choose materials and correlation technology
    • Describe how piping system links to other equipment
    • Identify washing and flushing requirements

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