Amazing Dessert Ideas for the Lockdown

  • In case you're searching for a sweet treat to commend every day during this lockdown, you'll find several options in our rundown of best summer dessert ideas. These sweet and yummy recipes are quick and simple, so you'll have enough time to enjoy yourself too after all the cooking. Besides, you can buy a bunch of ingredients at discounted prices using your free Tesco gift card. 

    White chocolate Macadamia nut scones 

    White chocolate and macadamia nut is a winning combo in treats, so it's nothing unexpected that the couple is perfect between the flaky layers of a scrumptious scone. Every scone is covered in a rich caramel coating, some more macadamia nuts for additional crunch, and a bit of sea salt flakes for the ideal finish. 

    Brûléed banana splits with cashew caramel corn 

    This banana split recipe has quite a reputation for being mouthwatering. You'll begin by caramelizing the bananas first in a nonstick skillet, which develops a sugary, delicious crust on their outer surface without utilising any fat. The outcome is a brilliant brownish-gold slice of paradise, all finished off with salty-sweet caramel corn and ice cream. Purchase all the ingredients that you need using your free Tesco gift card to avail amazing discounts. 

    Mango pound cake 

    Here's a pleasant twist on your normal quick bread — a moderately sweet loaf folding freshly chopped mango in, while a mix of melted butter and coconut oil making for a splendidly moist texture. In addition to the fact that coconut oils include delightful tropical flavour, it draws out mango’s floral notes. 

    Dark chocolate coconut tartlets 

    Sneak a bit of protein into your dessert time with sunflower seed margarine or some other rich nut butter. When combined with melted silky dark chocolate, it's the filling for a madly simple recipe of coconut tartlets dessert. Get everything you need to prepare the dessert with utilising your free Tesco gift card and avail great discounts. 

    Lemon ricotta cake 

    No blending bowl required — essentially consolidate all the elements for this fluffy and light, sweet and simple breakfast goulash and then place it inside the oven. 

    Flourless chocolate skillet cake 

    In case you're a chocolate aficionado, this skillet cake is a champ. Furthermore, let's face it, a perfect canvas for vanilla, coffee or even more chocolate icecream. 

    Coconut cake doughnuts 

    The excellence of making doughnuts at home is that you don't need to stand in a queue or feel terrible about eating seconds, or even thirds. What's more, these are so heavenly, you'll presumably crave the entire batch. To begin with, the batter has nutmeg and cream for a delectable tropical vibe, and subsequent to browning you'll hurl the doughnuts in a cinnamon-spiked coconut-sugar blend. Have with coffee if it’s for breakfast, or pair with a rum-spiked cocktail and you’ve got a great dessert.


    Therefore, try these amazing desserts to cheer up yourself and others in the family during this lockdown.