Consumer Analysis - Panasonic EP3222 Massage Chair for Shiatsu

  • The EP-3222 massage chair lounger by Panasonic will be our highlight. The EP3222 is part of the massage chairs in the Real Pro Elite collection. This relaxation lounger is one of the premium styles that Panasonic makes. It contains several advanced technological features to tailor the massage for each particular person, such as a body scan. We are going to take a peek at some of these sophisticated features and functions. We would also discuss the warranties and provide you with our experience into the recliner for the EP-3222 massage chair.

    Warranty policy is one of the long-term issues when buying a commodity such as a massage chair. The pledge is your long-term defense from issues related to flaws in the plant and workmanship. While top brands like Panasonic are doing a fantastic job manufacturing these chairs, there are issues. Be sure that on every massage chair you are thinking about having, you have sufficient warranty coverage.

    The EP-3222 Real Pro Elite zero gravity massage chair comes from Panasonic with guarantee coverage. You get 3 years of work and 1 year of work on this chair on this chair. That coverage is below what you get from other suppliers. Many suppliers offer support to home technicians for at least 90 days and up to 1 year in some situations. Panasonic helps you to obtain an enhanced warranty at an added discount.

    One of the innovative aspects of this massage recliner is the technology for body scanning. The chair will do a scan of your back while you sit in the chair to initiate the software. In reality, the chair maps your back and locates your unique acupressure points. It memorizes them and then gives preference to the most important. Then the data is fed into the software program and the body is customized for the massage.

    The floating massage system is another revolutionary feature of the EP3222. The floating massage system is patterned after a master masseuse's hand gestures. The floating system comprises of 2 to 4 massage heads of solid rubber. Such massage motions such as rubbing with the hand relaxing, stroking with the palm of the hand, thumb-like kneading and thumb-like pressure can be simulated very precisely by these massage heads.

    This massage recliner has no lack of massage therapies. With 11 simple massage modes, 6 automated programs and memory capability, Panasonic equips this chair to store your favorite massages. Swedish, Kneading, Compression, Tapping, Shiatsu and Rolling are some of the most significant massage techniques. Such massage methods are successful in alleviating aches, calming joints, increasing the flow of energy and increasing the flow of blood.

    This is a full body relaxation chair that comes with an air massage device for the lower body. 33 airbags that offer a relaxing compression type massage come with the air massage system. The airbags that offer a firm grip on your buttocks, legs, calves and feet are inflated. To reach the optimal compression degree to provide relaxation, you should adjust the level of air pressure.

    For one of the automated applications, the remote control has large format keys. Only press the button and the automated massage that powers the whole chair begins. With automated settings, there are buttons for changing the chair back and leg ottoman. You may also store such massage services or memorize them. This is perfect for setting up a special massage for you that you will recognize on demand later. Panasonic uses a device for speech guidance, too. To walk you through the phases of using the remote control, the voice instruction system may be triggered.

    Other specialized features include the lower body's stretching role. The leg ottoman can rise horizontally when this feature is enabled. In order to hold the foot, the airbags can activate. The ottoman's leg will steadily start to lower. In order to alleviate pain from sore muscles, this extends the forearm, knee and hip. It all allows to increase the range of motion and versatility.

    The EP-3222 comes with an arsenal of massage functions if you've been shopping for a high end massage chair. The methods of massage are highly engineered to offer productive relaxation. As a long-term insurance package, we do suggest that you seek an enhanced guarantee. This is a strong massage recliner that has been designed for several years by a business that produces chairs. Try the EP-3222 Real Pro Elite relaxation recliner if you have the chance.