Blinds Vs Ready-Designed Blinds Made to Measure

  • Blinds are a good place to start whether you want to redecorate or just feel like freshening up a room. They are always the focal point of the home, and new blinds will boost the aesthetics of a space instantly.

    They are also energy efficient; they can save heat in winter and help to keep a room cool in summer, making them suitable for a large living area such as a lounge or conservatory.

    When it comes to handling the light in a room, blinds come out on top. Although curtains literally block all the light when closed or let all the light in when open, blinds offer the ideal middle ground.

    A no brainer is the issue of whether to opt with blinds or curtains. The former are easy to clean and do not take up extra space in a room, making them suitable for tiny spaces and windows in houses.

    Yet there are too many solutions. Why do you pick the blinds that look best? Are you going to opt for a roller blind, Venetian or Roman? Are you planning to purchase made-to-measure blinds or prepared blinds? To help you select the right blinds for your home, here is your easy and quick reference.


    Ready made curtains are winning this segment in terms of price. Obviously, these are going to be cheaper than any designed to measure blinds. However, for a fair price, it is more than feasible to buy custom-made blinds.

    Simplicity of installation

    It is incredibly convenient to mount blinds designed to measure since they have been created to fit perfectly into your window space. They are hassle-free and with a consultation, a measuring facility and even even offer to match them in your window for you, certain businesses come into your house, what could be better than that?

    Now, ready-made blinds are not that straightforward. In certain situations, the shop-bought blinds would have to be cut down in order for them to fit snugly into the window frame. If you cut them too narrow or miscalculate the duration they have to be, this DIY work might easily destroy your blinds.


    They are bound to be more aesthetically appealing than ready-built blinds because you have made blinds to measure. This is because they are naturally going to fit into the window frame completely. In addition, there is the option to mix and match the template with the blind style you choose. For eg, in order to optimize the sunshine in the space, you may use a light paint designed to measure blind in a Venetian style if you want to brighten up your room.

    About the fact that in your chosen theme, there is less possibility of having the perfect color blind, you do have a decent chance of finding a blind appropriate for your intent. For fair rates, department stores, DIY stores and a broad variety of online shops offer all kinds of blinds in various styles.


    It can be said that the more realistic alternative is to weigh blinds whether you have a big house or unusual windows, such as an arched window or patio doors that you want to protect. Otherwise, locating good appropriate blinds will be close to difficult.

    But, in terms of being smoother and quicker to purchase and mount, ready-made blinds are more convenient. As they are already made and ready to carry home, they do not need you to wait a few weeks, like custom made blinds.

    All in all, it really depends on your personal taste and where you can position your blinds in determining whether to go with the alternative of being ready-built or made to measure. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, but it comes down to whether you want a luxurious, ideally fitting blind or inexpensive and cheerful blind.