2k21 want to improve they need to radically change

  • Great. Another input which does about 4 items. If 2k really want to Nba 2k21 Mt improve that they need to radically alter the control scheme. When one button or stick input dors 4 things it becomes arbitrary luck over skill. I dont think they have a choice, there arent enough buttons on a control for everything, and they cant make it a combination like L2+square or some thing because L2 is already earmarked for post motions and r2 is to get distinct sprinting moves.

    1 fix I thought of would be have to shoot and take r2 + square, and only to attempt to dip when close to the jar, leave the stick to be dribble moves along with layups. I feel that would allow it to be more deliberate, letting go of r2 if you want to pull upward, maintaining the momentum of this character which makes it a leaner or fade. Shoot and then you ought to have to press R3 or L2 if you would like to stop on a dime. L2 and square would be a post jump shot (either a fade or a jump towards basket depending on left stick input) and L2 + directly stick will be hooks and pole move layups. I believe something like this has to change because every participant has wanted something to happen however, the game just gives a dodgy as fuck animation.

    When they made it possible to always try to dip with r2+square, then I think everybody would just spam it, dunks would be either way overly op and reliable, or theyd need to nerf it and youd brick every dunk unless you're wide open. Finishing in the paint is going to be the largest game changer if you're able to complete through contact. It's currently impossible to complete against Kareem, Yao etc and it forces everyone to jack up 3's. I confronted a man on MyTeam who did not set a SINGLE PnR all match and simply ran into the hash and jacked up 3's shooting at . They will need to reward players. PnR's, DHO's, etc. . They have to enable floaters from the paint, euro measures, spin moves that don't only make you drop the ball! Repair finishing then you'll see less people.

    Its quite difficult to keep up with that, if you may Shoot 60 percent on 3s readily. That equals 90% shooting 2s. Only remove this stupid Green = 100% mechanic and we are fine. They need to fix the circulation of movement. The stream has been damaged in 20, somehow, I felt like we had more control of the players in 19 and 18, but in 20 the players became, somehow, deep and blocky. Sounds meh. Dont trust them to create shooting reasonable. Badges are whack and it doesn't seem as though they'll make badges sim.

    I just wanna know if mycareer is still gonna be the same shit where I am some OMG HES THE GREATEST PROSPECT EVER shit and be chosen number one but be a seat buttocks with like 60 overall while other dudes begin at like 88. I'm pretty sure everyone starts as a 60 total. VC just drop straight out the gate to buy mt nba 2k21 boost overall to the cap.