I have a good deal more thoughts that would create 2K21 even b

  • I shouldn't have to cheap nba 2k21 mt coins hear Kevin Harlan say I'm appearing in my first ASG every year. I should not be getting called a rookie in my 6th season. It doesn't have to be hours and hours of soundbites, only an acknowledgement that I I'm no longer the eye young buck, I am a vet in the locker room. Big impact, shit. While I hang a banner, it should not evaporate. I wanna have the ability to look up and see the 3peat. I wan na na see current players who retire throughout my career have their jersey hung and retired. Shit like that.

    I would love it if 2K included features to NBA 2K21 like allowing our gamers to spend. Like buying homes and automobiles in a roam city of the team we play. In the free topic, our players can go to fan events and signal jerseys to get fans and level up endorsements. As an alternative to the old park, it could be substituted as a city. You may go to the beach like the one from gta 5 and literally posterise people that are normal. When its time for you to go and play with real ball. A characteristic like driving to the arena while fans scream for attention. I have a good deal more thoughts that would create 2K21 even better but the sacrifice is the hard disk space. Imagine gta 5 and 2K joined a wopping 200gb.

    Break records and earn even more money, popularity, playing minutes and better salary. Let us build a duplicate of the NBA players that are actual and we could edit our attributes and all of that stuff, height, position, Wingspan, everything. We should be in a position to get hailed as a lottery pick on / top 5. And please update or get rid of the bench press. That is not how the bench press functions idk who thought of this but fix it and thank you. Whatever build you've should be harmonious. You get drafted to with a duo to be created by another on the team. Have the features just as a woman 2K should provide paths to go down just like play abroad to you, but you are able to play or play in the g league and earn your way to the NBA.

    Standard stuff like getting along with other groups about a tough foul or helping your teammates. Bring back the Nike sleeves for on court accessories. Permit altercations/fights that let you opt to retaliate or walk off. If you decide to fight it leads to 3 game suspension. 1 thing which would be cool is a WNBA variant to MyCAREER for NBA 2K21. You can have the decision to begin WNBA MyCAREER & an NBA MyCAREER. Have them two distinct modes. Would be cool to have a Female variation to MyCAREER for 2K21 using the WNBA.

    Please include technical fouls, flagrant fouls, fight scene etc.. Please get back the celebration at which the player pour a spoonful of gatorade into the 29, where you had a blowout win againts your rival team or any team. When playing with'mycareer', my player got a hard shooting intentional or filthy foul. And I feel mad once the referee's decision is unsatisfactory. So when you get a foul about include the capacity to mt for sale 2k21 protest? Let the participant pick the degree of anger.