Burnt OSRS player wanting to Try something out

  • And this is debt/loan/interest staking. He gets a loan stakes RuneScape gold, if he wins together with lets say interest he pays. He chucks the 1b gp, he wins, he dominates the man 1,1b and has 900m for himselfand when he loses he has to pay 1,1b. thats not commisson, since the man loaning isnt at any probability of losing hes gp, he will get paid either if its a win or lose. A good clarification would be good for everyone involved in this circumstance.

    Could we get Elemental boots and bodies in RuneScape like it was in 2012 Runescape or some thing. These were actually nice decorative and very low level defence armours, and also a reason to generate a new elemental workshop quest or even put in the existing one into RS. I understand you guys are currently working on the Deathmechanics, however the mechanics still are too EasyScape imo. Individuals ought to be afraid to die at a boss using their very best equipment since they could lose their items or somebody else can pickup their items.

    If you're going to go on with the mechanisms I believe the fee should be to add that feeling of danger to RuneScape. In the earlier days people would go with welfare equipment to supervisors because they were too scared to die or didnt trust that the folks they'd go pvm with. This made bosses less campier so the worth of things were more secure.

    I'm primarily an OSRS participant. I am already level in OSRS but it seems I've hit a stump and has been seeking to get in to RS3 for a while before I miss OS again. I tried logging in and I'm rather overwhelmed with the quantity of things I should do. Is there a guide for new players or atleast a CC I can join that may atleast guide me? Once u understand the menus, and also the connection between crafting abilities and innovation RuneScape is wonderful. I had been like you a few weeks back (Came from osrs) and I unlocked invention can truly say osrs simply doesn't worth to even attempt again. I could help ya, send me rsn over private message here and let's get into experiences!

    As you're coming from OSRS that the wiki's [manual for returning players]] might apply to you. It has got some information and hyperlinks to material that's been changed post EoC which could assist you. In case you have any specific questions about RuneScape feel free to ask me always happy to try and help! The interface/enhanced customisablity of rS3 can definitely be confusing at first but imo it makes it a much match once you do get into the swing of things and buy rs3 gold also have tweaked it exactly how you like it.