How to Recruit Best Chief Financial Officer for Your Company

  • You know when to hire a CFO, and what in a CFO to look for. Now it's time to begin looking for candidates. What approaches will show you how to hire a CFO?

    Every company is different, and each will look for a new chief financial officer in a different way. Here are four tips to help you decide how to hire a Part-Time CFO Accounting for your business and find the best solution.

    1. Employ an Executive Search Company

    Saving time and stress by hiring an executive search firm to find a CFO. You pass this work off to a team of qualified professionals rather than spending your time finding people in your network or vetting candidates. You can spend more time with someone else handling the search process helping your business to grow and thrive.

    The staff at an executive search firm already possesses thorough industry knowledge and may already know candidates qualified for your position. They can find the best candidate and search their community. Their expertise enables them to interview and select the most suitable person for the job.

    2. Use your Links

    Don't worry about getting in touch with people you know who might be interested in the position. Even if they're not interested in becoming your CFO, perhaps they know somebody who is. Using your professional network is a great way to find a Part-Time Chief Financial Officer that fits into the culture of your business and that can get the job done.

    If you don't have a wide contact network, or if none of your contacts lead to a new hire, try online networking. Few websites are a great way to find qualified candidates who require a job.

    3. Maintain an Eye on Industry

    Keeping track of industry news can help you find a well-qualified Outsourced Chief Financial Officer to work with your firm. If a firm goes through layoffs, there may be someone in need of a job that fits your position’s requirements.

    4. Check all Your Options

    Is your firm really in need of a full-time CFO? If you may not need a full-time professional, seek out candidates from part-time or from outside.

    Fitting Culturally

    If the Chief Financial Officer does not fit into the office environment, they will find it hard to succeed as an executive.

    Top Notch Communications Skills

    Teamwork is an important part of any job but this is particularly important for executives like the Chief Financial Officer. Whoever you hire as the CFO has to be able to interact well with your employees – in person and in writing.

    Skills Problem Solving

    Even though your business is experiencing growth in positive side, there is always a problem that should to be tackled.

    If your company needs a full-time Chief Financial Officer and it is not an option to refer the work to an external company, try to reassess your search criteria. Don't worry about readjusting the job description to find the perfect candidate for your business.