Escape From Tarkov update patch notes: price changes & more

  • In recent weeks and months, Battlestate Games have continued to stay shake Tarkov fresh with new content and bug fixes. Though, not everything has gone down a storm with fans. The devs recently apologized for a change they made to a couple of quests.
    However, since then, they’ve dropped two new updates – one on Saints Peter and Paul where they added two fresh quests for players over level ten, and another on July 3.
    The latter was more of a tweak focused update instead of a full-blown patch, with changes being made to sale prices and spawn rates in certain scenarios.
    Added alpha container for purchase (LL2 PK)
    Upped quantity of things to spawn in plastic weapon boxes
    Lowered stress resistance req in Skier flint quest (was 8, now 6)
    Upped sell prices for several items (heavy armor, video card, dry fuel, etc)
    BS ammo is back to get as barter

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