Ideal House: 7 Features of a Perfect Family Home

  • Deciding to change your living environment is a major change and it’s not something you should rush in. But, if you already made such a decision and plan to buy a new property, consider the steps you need to take prior to your purchase. Since you’ll call this house your home, consider all the best features of a perfect family house. We’ll analyze the most essential features of a perfect family home in great detail below.

    The right number of bedrooms

    This number can vary depending on how large your family is. Nonetheless, the perfect house has to have one bedroom per each family member. Parents will share a master bedroom, while your kids can have separate rooms. They can also share a bedroom, but once they hit puberty this might be an issue. The only way to solve this is to offer additional space for study by creating a study or a home office. On top of this, you need to have a guest room, since you’ll have your inlaws over or friends. A guest bedroom will give everyone privacy and also maintain your privacy. Having someone sleep on the living room couch is not the best solution but it’s a viable one if there’s no other option. Remember to have a room per family member and also one extra room for guests.

    Enough storage room

    Another thing as essential as having the right number of rooms to make the house comfortable for every family member is storage. There’s simply never enough storage to start with. But having enough storage and functional storage is better than low storage space. You should look for two features - boot room, utility room, and built-in-storage. Every inch of available space should be considered and converted into storage. When life gets too busy, you won’t be thinking about storage, you’ll just need extra room for everything you’ve accumulated over the years. So, you’ll need a designated space for laundry, washing and drying machines, personal closet space for every family member, and food storage.

    Shared space

    The living room, dining room, and kitchen are considered as shared spaces within a house. This is where the entire family gathers to hang out, talk, spend time together, eat, cook, and watch TV. Parents of young children can keep an eye on their youngsters while they cook. The open floor layout is an ideal feature because you won’t be limited by walls. Also, you’ll have enough room to fit in everything you’ve always wanted in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The kitchen should be big enough to host an island because it easily transforms into a tall table if you add a few bar stools. When there are no walls, you can all be in one room, even though you won’t be doing the same things. Kids can play on the Xbox while you work silently on the dining room table.

    The bathrooms

    The family of two can easily get along when using only one bathroom. But, a family of four, five or even more when people are visiting, won’t be as considerate. Look for a house that has at least two bathrooms and one water closet. Even when you have friends over for lunch, they can use just the water closet because bathrooms are considered as private spaces. Even one family bathroom and separate water closet will work just fine for a family larger than two members. Nonetheless, the bathroom should have enough storage for toiletries, non-slippery tiles, and preferably both a bath and a shower. But, if you have to choose between the shower and a bath, pick the one based on that is the best option for your family.

    The backyard

    Another area that is considered as the shared space is the outdoor space. Every family needs a chance to get away from the tech-filled lifestyle and spend some time outdoors. It will take some time to grow your own green oasis, but it will be worth it. You can arrange the landscape on your own or hire a professional to assist you in the best way possible. You don’t need a large backyard, just enough room to fit in comfortable outdoor furniture, a swing, and a grill. You’ll want to use this area for entertaining your friends and guests during warm summer evenings. In case you’re interested in having a larger backyard, look for a house that already has a built pool or one that has enough space so that you can build the shape you want. 

    The X factor

    Do you know that something-something someone has which makes them stand out among the crowd? It’s called an X factor and a perfect family home should have one as well. It can be the feeling you get once you take a first look at it or when you visit display homes to get the general picture. Display homes show you how the perfect house can look if you decide to purchase the exact design. Once you find the perfect house with an X factor and know that you’ve found the one, you can reach out to experienced new home builders. They will build exactly what you want and like and you will start the new chapter of your life in a new house.


    The right location saves you a lot of time during your daily commute. This is yet another feature that will influence your house hunting process. Depending on your needs, you’ll look at house locations differently. There are a few important things to consider: the school district, childcare options, parks, and recreational areas, doctors’ offices, and grocery stores. You can easily adapt to a house to fit all your needs, but you can’t improve a bad location with a lot of traffic and poor connectivity. Make a list of institutions you wish to have in your neighborhood, and then go house hunting in those neighborhoods that check all the boxes.


    Another feature that describes a perfect family home is the right amount of natural light. Don’t settle for a house that is perfect on all accounts except one, no matter which one. Natural light is essential so look for a house with southern exposure.