Applications of monel alloys

  • Monel is a very corrosion-resistant alloy; therefore, it is used for the manufacture of parts operating in aggressive environments. It also has a ductility and high tensile strength.

    In particular, the low corrosion rate in marine and fresh water has determined hastelloy c276 round bar use in shipbuilding. In addition, this unique alloy has also found application in the oil, chemical, textile, medical industries.

    In these industries, monel metal is used for the manufacture of pickling tanks and vessels, small fittings for steam boilers, small stamped products, for musical instruments, electrical equipment, spectacle frames and so on.

    Monel metal is an alloy that contains up to sixty-seven percent of nickel and up to thirty-eight percent of copper. The name "Monel" is a trademark owned by Special Metals Corporation. The alloy was created by David Brown, the chief metallurgist of International Nickel Co. and named after the president of the company Ambrose Monel. It was patented in 1906.

    Compared to steel, monel 400 tube is difficult to process, as it is quenched at high temperatures. Some of the alloys are non-magnetic. Monel is usually much more expensive than stainless steel, but the quality of the resulting products in the long term fully pays for the costs of the buyer. Monel metal is made in the form of sheets, strips, rods and other semi-finished products.

    Monel Properties

    The main practically useful property of the monel 400 plate is the high corrosion resistance of this alloy in various aggressive environments. Monel is resistant in solutions of neutral, alkaline and slightly acid salts, carbonic, hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and acetic acids. Also, this alloy is resistant to most organic acids and practically does not corrode in alkaline solutions of organic compounds. In solutions of alkalis, an atmosphere of dry gases at room temperature, sea and fresh water, monel metal also shows high resistance to corrosion.


    Among the mechanical properties of the alloy it is worth noting its high strength.

    The technological properties of the monel k500 round bar, namely, its high ductility, make it possible to easily process monel with pressure in both hot and cold conditions. It also has good weldability. But machining must be carried out with a low cutting speed and feed due to the rapid charging of the material.

    Advantages of Monel


    An alloy with high corrosion resistance in many aggressive environments

    Have fairly high strength characteristics

    It has good technological properties - ductility and weldability

    Monel Applications

    The areas of application of the copper-nickel monel alloy are due to its properties. The main practically useful property is high resistance to corrosion in many aggressive environments. This allows the use of grade 5 titanium plate as a structural material for the construction of ships. Also, monel metal can weld onto parts made of non-corrosion-resistant materials in order to protect them from corrosion.

    Some grades of monel metal have fairly low temperature coefficients of electrical resistance and average values of specific electrical resistance. These features allow the use of monel of the corresponding brands in specialized electrical and electronic devices.