The gate of the water inlet and outlet pipes must be tightly cl

  • How to disassemble the stainless steel centrifugal fan? Many people pay more attention to stainless steel when purchasing this centrifugal fan. However, due to the different structures of stainless steel centrifugal fans, the disassembly procedures are generally described in the instruction manual. Some points of attention are listed below:

    1. Before disassembly, in addition to preparing disassembly tools and materials, for stainless steel fan wheel conveying gas or other harmful gases, the gate of inlet and outlet pipes must be tightly closed, and blind plates should be blocked when necessary.

    If the inlet and outlet are both downward, water can be poured into the lower pipe for water sealing. The water level to be filled should ensure that harmful gases in the pipeline will not leak to the workplace.

    2. When removing the pressure of the oil lubricated stainless steel centrifugal fan, first release and filter the lubricating oil before cooling, and then disconnect the flange connecting the oil pipe and the valve body.

    3. Maintain a horizontal position when lifting the upper housing or rotor to avoid damaging machine components. The longitudinal joint of the stainless steel centrifugal fan housing should not be removed. If the cast iron casing that sends hot gas is cooled, the upper casing must be lifted after the inside of the casing is cooled.

    4. Before removing the sliding bearing, the cast iron bushing clearance and thrust surface clearance shall be measured. The seal clearance should be measured before removing the seal.

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