New horizons sucks for me since the crafting is limiting and t

  • I got the game in Animal Crossing Items May, I have built up around 230hrs on it and I am still enjoying it.

    I have not got a set idea of what I want to achieve with it, but as I run around occasionally I will pick up an item which inspires a fresh idea for a vacant space or I'll see something in IRL which has the same affect. I figure out ways to keep it interesting for me personally.

    Granted, there are a number of things I discover time-consuming, but it is nothing others have not discussed at length - amounts if buying/crafting, more amount of interaction with villagers - but those matters are not deal breakers for me.

    Edit: I will also add this is the first AC game I've playedwith.

    I love New Leaf. Probably 300+ hours in it. New horizons sucks for me since the crafting is limiting and tedious, breakable tools are bullshit, qr codes are locked behind internet, and it feels just like a grindy mobile game--together with the corner miles particularly. Additionally, the fan base could be. . .intense, in polite words.

    I don't have a positive review for you, but I outlined my motives more clearly than"just boring"

    I like the game. I think if they genuinely mean that they mean to evolve the match, and not do the BS which GameFreak does using Pokemon(where they include a brand new mechanic but eliminate so much that it seems like a step backwards), then I am excited about that.

    The game does have some serious shortcomings which need to be addressed at the next iteration for it to be a bonded purchase from me, however. Villagers are the huge one. The personality types are too indistinguishable, and we need variations on each character (eg Snooty Villager A is a sass queen who is more inclined to create lines about how'quaint' the decoration she's next to is, even while Snooty Villager B is a art-lover who is more inclined to generate a line concerning the artistic worth of the decoration). It is weird to have two villagers with the specific same personality, and it necessarily makes you feel like a third-wheel since you don't think they're as cute as the other is. Likewise, we just plain need additional lines for every villager type since the replica actually kills the illusion of these animals being your friends. There's also not much you can do with them. It would be wonderful to have the ability to, say, invite them to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket your house or tell them to meet you at the memorial within one hour or something.