They don't need you to get bored with the sport

  • Is noone gonna talk about the way the DEMO is 35 gigabytes? 35g for 5 games, 2ku, and just 6 available slots for player builds....hmm I'm no developer but 35g is insane for just how little we get in the demonstration. What gets me is the damn restrictions. Like why? What kind of demo places a limitation?! It's 1 thing if a Beta endings picture COD beta only lets you start up the match 5 times max even though there is NBA 2K21 MT 10 times left. The fuck?

    For real. Noone wants to place 35 gigs on some thing they are simply gonna use for a bit then uninstall. Especially for someone like me, in which the 2k demo would have taken 15 hours to set up. They don't need you to get bored with the sport. They beg na supply you with a lil small taste. Mainly so people who want to play 2k but do not want to buy it, don't sit there and play with the 3 all time teams over and over.

    Bro trust me nobody is doing this, it a far better experience to pick up last years game for next to nothing and update rosters, I feel as the reason why they did so is so less ppl encounter glitches. Theres glitches in 2k20 also tho... so if 2k21 is just a copy paste of 2k20, then it is gonna have the very same glitches regardless.

    As someone who moved from 2k19 into 2k20 only last week, the collision detection is way better. Players dont clip to each other as much anymore. I can only anticipate 2k21 to be an improvement. There are a couple items that never got fixed, such as the hair respawning always during cutscenes and hair physics that vanish on random cheer leaders.

    As someone who played with 2k20 vividly, players clip each other non stop. The thing that I notice about 2k20 is that the clipping is insignificant. Peoples arms may clip into a person's chest whilst covering, but nothing compared to 2k19 where you can knock the ball from a person's hand while they are dunking by shoving your hands straight through their face at the ball. I just got a sneak in my profession this morning by clipping through someone's knee to slap the ball. I've definitely been blocked via the back part of my players mind going for dunks too.

    Their Best-selling 2k21 had Buy 2K21 MT boundless demonstration time