Smarter and more challenging CPU team administration

  • Now, you would be on sent to a roster page and would have to NBA 2K21 MTwaive/trade players to get under the tax line. NBA 2K21 would need to follow these measures, although transactionally it does not do that in real life - the Warriors needed to trade Andre Iguodala into the Grizzlies before completing the s&s with Brooklyn to get under the hard cap, however the arrangement of which the choices were made was reverse. I expect that's informative and makes sense. I don't think it should be that difficult to implement in NBA 2K21 but I am not a coder or game maker so that I may just be naive.

    Makes sense to me, though I doubt 2K places that much work to some non profitable mode. The trade logic may mess this up too. Since players would have to have a reason to desire the st (ie more cash, join with another star, get on a contender). Along with a reason to do it too would be needed by also the trading group. Cap wouldn't be super hard to get around because it will be off season and many teams would have cap and I think they can even go over because they would technically sign a participant with bird rights to possibly receive a player they did not have bird rights to (I believe that's the way the KD/Dlo trade happened too but I could be wrong).

    With little cap space off this season, s+t is very likely to be huge again. The workaround for your trade logic is to just turn it off completely when a S&T is agreed to. The previous team has no incentive to decline the transaction as they are getting something out of him instead of losing him. I don't know code, but I don't know how that can be difficult to code in whenever there is an option in NBA 2K21 to literally turn off commerce logic. The cap issue would be in the group being tough capped as a result of this S&T. You're right, they could go over the cap but, like we are seeing Golden State this year, they're hard capped at the tax exemption. That would be exactly what they would need to work around, forcing you under a hard cap if you get a player via S&T.

    You are right, S&T will be the principal way teams get players this season so it would be fine if they might include it. And I don't think you would utilize it only in MyLeague/GM, you could roll out in MyCareer. I don't play MyCareer so the cap may not relate to the way you can sign with groups, but when it's cap associated you might choose to perform a S&T using a group which does not have cap space rather than be restricted to just teams who have distance. Can't have no trade logic tho. You could eliminate contracts and players that were poor for nothing. That would be the hang up I would guess. It is already too easy to get rid of contacts that are large. Hope that find something tho. I believe it'll be larger soon.

    Smarter and more challenging CPU team administration. They should be looking for better in 1 form of fashion or another with every move, every registering, every transaction offer. I understand NBA 2K21 gets the Contending, Rebuilding, etc. monikers, however they very seldom actually comply with that. By way of instance, the Spurs are rebuilding in-game but they refuse to trade DeRozan. I know in real life that they did not trade him, but if someone has buy 2K21 MTa deal they'd move him no matter his age. In 2Khe could be 34 years old and they're on pace for like 30 wins but since his overall resembles 88 they don't move him. I've seen it happen a whole lot although that is a hypothetical scenario.