Phantasy Star initially made its impression on me back together

  • Played with PSO on Dreamcast from launching day until v2's launching, then switched when that launched to Episode 1 & 2 on GameCube. Played those variations HEAVILY. School vacations notably often ended up turning to all day/nighters. Tried a meseta pso2 very small bit of this Xbox port. I do not recall well, just I just played about a month and ran out of things to do. Didn't wind up continuing with that match, I really ended up improving system there and disliking the item crafting.

    Played a little Phantasy Star Portable, Phantasy Star Zero, and PSP2. Loved PSP2. Played the beta of PSO2 JP, did not wind up playing the last launch, English patches were too incomplete at the time IIRC, also that I had a larger time investment in the moment with progress raiding in World of Warcraft. With playing on PSOBB servers that were private messed around, but never enough to really invest a lot of time. Assumed PSO2 English launch was totally lifeless, forgot about it, then proceeded to lose my absolute shit when a year's E3 statement appeared up. Had a ton of fun trying Phantasy Star Online 2 again on the closed beta, and plan to perform more once it launches.

    PSO was special. It helped me bond and remain in touch with a long-distance relationship I had at the time (we're married with a family today!), and I met lots of great friends that I talk to to this day. I ran to and reconnected with someone I used to play frequently on DC/GC by complete chance throughout the PSO2 closed beta. Pretty hyped to leap back in, I will have a main Zingela, since I have had on every other version of Phantasy Star Online 2!

    Phantasy Star initially made its impression on me back together with PS2, or instead even merely reading about it, Although I started only playing PSU. I was a Nintendo child, did not have a Sega, but among the gaming mags at the time had a very spoilery strategy guide and I figure that"which" happening actually threw me for a loop. Nearly all of my RPGing would be Zelda and Final Fantasy and whatnot, but it's remained with me. I didn't get into PSO although I have. PSU for much of its lifetime and I did play. I regret I did not get past like flat 80, but I found a Psycho Wand board or 2 before I ceased. I did play only a little PSO2 back when it came out and had to do it the hard way.

    It ended showing Gal Gryphon in all of its glory and performed The New World. Got it and played it with my brothers for many years. Today, we still play. We hit at level 100 on Dark Falz together with a coordination in PSZ. We were going to pso2 meseta buy xbox one wait for PSO2's NA release but it never came. A few years ago I found out that you could play the JP servers but that I lost interest because my brothers weren't interested in doing that. So they time has almost come when we could all play PSO2 together like we did PSO and PSZ before them. I can't wait!