The pattern of the jacquard fabric is large and beautiful

  • Jacquard, to put it simpler, means that the pictures that appear to float on the surface are all jacquard fabrics. To put it professionally, the fabric pattern is formed by changing the warp and weft when weaving the fabric. The yarn count is fine and the requirements for raw cotton are extremely high. It can be divided into woven, warp knitted jacquard and weft knitted jacquard. The weft knitted fabric has good elasticity when pulled horizontally and longitudinally, and the warp-knitted and woven jacquard has no elasticity when pulled horizontally and vertically.

    Classification of jacquard fabric:

    1. Monochrome jacquard: It is also called jacquard dyed fabric. It is dyed and finished by jacquard loom, and then the fabric is finished and then the product is solid color.

    2. Multicolor jacquard: It is called yarn-dyed jacquard fabric, which is dyed with yarn and then woven by jacquard loom, and finally finished, so yarn-dyed jacquard fabric has more than two colors, the fabric is rich in color, not The display is monotonous, with a strong three-dimensional pattern and higher grade.

    In addition to the classification of the above two jacquard fabrics, there is another one, which is divided into large jacquard fabrics and small jacquard fabrics. They are characterized by a unique texture that is soft, delicate, and smooth, with good gloss, drape, and breathability. High color fastness (yarn dyeing). However, in comparison, the pattern of large jacquard fabrics is large and exquisite, and the color layer is clear and three-dimensional, and the pattern of small jacquard fabrics is relatively simple and single.

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