What Are The Types Of Inbound Call Center Services

  • The very crucial aspects of delivering outstanding customer service are convenience and ease of understanding.  When you are running a business and want customers to multiply in no time, it is your responsibility to provide sufficient channels through which customers can reach out to you. Inbound call center servicesinclude those channels and support via which a customer can connect to business seamlessly, at any given time or day. Phone was one of the traditional channels for providing instant inbound support. While it is still important, several other channels like messaging apps, chats and social media seem to have taken over.

    Most companies today set up or outsource inbound call center services to field and manage customer requests, grievance and enquiries.  

    Inbound call center types

    Customer Service

    This type of inbound service is offered when customers or clients call the business with a problem or request that needs to be fixed. Answering questions, convincing customers or just interacting with customers are some tasks to be handled by inbound call center reps.

    Technical Support

    Inbound call center services also consist of technical support or tech help desk services where the client or customer is supported with technical issues associated with a product or service purchased from your company. It can be anything from defective phone sets; manufacturers fault in a heavy-duty equipment or an error in a software.

    Inbound Sales

    When a prospective customer or new customers needs information for deciding to purchase, those types are covered underinbound sales services by the call center. Queries from existing customers can also be counted if they are willing to purchase something new or place a new order.