How to Provide Call Center Services That Care More About Custom

  • Do you know what factor that most businesses have in common with whom customers love to do business? It is excellent customer service! The brands that customers love care more about customers rather than approach them merely for selling purposes. Certainly, they are looking for sales opportunities, boost revenues and get higher business ratings but not at the cost of customer care. When you pay attention to what customers want, everything else falls into place automatically. Most inbound and outbound call center services include impeccable customer care irrespective of the industry.  


    Let’s look at an example.

    Dawn went to a car shop to repair his car. The shopkeeper asked him to come back tomorrow to take his car since the repairing time would take more than a day. He came back. Meanwhile, he received a call from the customer service department of the car servicing center to let him know that he does not have to pay anything for the repair because it was an easy fix. If Dawn wants his car to be delivered to his home address, he may provide the address and a very nominal delivery charge. When the inbound call center representative took time to call him and explain the services that could actually save him money, he was utterly pleased. It also improved the chances of customer loyalty.          

    What are the ways to show you care about customers than making sales?

    Here are seven ways to exhibit your care towards customers than sales.

    1. Help, don’t sell. If you help the customer just to help and not sell, you can make future sales much more effortless.
    2. Look for ways to save the customer money. When you tell customers ways to save money, even if it’s just a tiny amount, it shows you are genuinely concerned about them versus just going with the sales pitch. Any company trying to save a customer money, sometimes by keeping low-profit margins are the one to win customers’ trust. 
    3. Take an extra step just for the benefit of the customer. An extra email, an additional chat conversation or phone call, even when it is 100% about the benefit of the customer worth the effort. It could be anything, just a hotel check-in reminder or back-to-school supply list information. No selling.
    4. Extend the offer exclusively for one customer. If a customer enquiry about an ongoing offer that ended just today, give the authority to your voice process executives to extend the offer just for the day for such customers. 
    5. Customers love communication from brands. For example, let the customer know you are open post-lockdown. Keep them updated on the status of their order or problem or the reason for delayed service. Let them know you care about them in the post-sales phase as well. 
    6. Be more available than ever. As businesses go online tech-driven, your presence over multiple channels and an omnichannel system is essential to ensure you do not miss customers’ enquiries and requests. Giving them prompt attention with all your eyes and ears is the key to earn their trust. Customer service experts should set an example by keeping distractions at bay when communicating with employees. When customers are offline, offer live chat support services, but refrain from using chatbox pop-ups that come over and over again. That’s a distraction that no one likes. Think of sending email newsletters so that you remain on their minds always. 
    7. Make personalized communication. Personalized call center services are designed to address customer issues with a personal touch that makes every customer feel special. Using names, not letting the customer repeat his problem, gathering relevant information about the customer through CRM solutions and the omnichannel database will help make communication personalized.      

    Finally, the takeaway is that building a good relationship with customers can go a long way. It helps achieve sales target easily and build trust.