Five Reasons to Choose Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes

  • Steel is a resourceful material that has a major role to play in day to day life – from food containers, automobiles to buildings and nuclear plants. However, among various forms of steel, carbon steel is widely used for its numerous benefits. Carbon steel seamless tubes are produced by a very few manufacturers who cater to orders worldwide. Does that mean the demand for carbon steel tubes without seam is less? Well, there is no reason to think that. Instead, seamless hose and pipes made of carbon steel are so durable and cost-effective that they do not require frequent replacement unlike other metals. However, the process of manufacturing is critical and require state-of-the art laboratory for quality checks and meeting global standards.

    Since, the tubes are used in very important and complex applications like water supply, nuclear projects and automobile constriction, their quality is of foremost importance.

    Here are five reasons to choose carbon steel seamless hollow pipes over other tubes.

    1. Safety

    Unlike other materials, pipes made of carbon steel do not require any kind of protection from pesticides, glues and many other preservatives. Thus, it ensures greater safety and involves less complex steps. Pipes made of other materials could be vulnerable to corrosion, pests or rotting out, but seamless tubes made from carbon steel alloy do not. They are inflammable, resistant to earthquake, hurricane and lightening.      

    1. Environmental friendly

    Solid wastes and debris at steel manufacturing plants are indispensable by-products produced during manufacturing of iron and steel. The wastes were harmful for environment and proper discarding was necessary until it started to be used as by-products. The rigorous re-utilization of these by-products have left little to no waste for disposal.

    1. Resistance

    Apart from being safe to use and environmental friendly, carbon steel seamless tubes are shock and high-pressure resistant. Thus, they are perfect to be used under extreme temperature and pressure projects such as subway construction, drinking water projects or railways tracks.   

    1. Cost-Effective

    Although, prices of carbon steel pipes are more than welded pipes, they are cheaper than stainless steel pipe. And as these pipes are more durable, it increases longevity and your maintenance costs go down drastically.    

    1. Design-friendly

    If your application needs customized pipes, seamless pipes made with carbon steel can meet your requirement precisely. From inner wall diameter, to thickness of the layer and length, customized tubes meet precision and are more even and rounder as compared to other pipes and tubes. Seamless tubes can be wrought and bent to curve and fit wherever needed. Valves and other fittings are also compatible and available easily.