Best Pain Management Specialist In Manhattan

  • If you’re looking for pain treatment Manhattan, then believe me you’re not alone. It can be difficult to know where to go and what credentials to look for when choosing the best pain doctor in Manhattan. These days pain specialists in NY are quick to recommend surgery and any long term medications plan. If you prefer to choose long term medications plan as most of the peoples do, where you need to take several narcotics in a day to moderate the pain.


    There are many other treatments also available that doesn’t carry out the risk associated with surgery also has a short period of recovery. Some examples like steroid injections and radiofrequency ablations are minimally-invasive and highly effective treatment plans alternative to the surgery or long term medicines. The Pain Treatment Specialist center lead by the best pain specialists NY and better known for offering such type of surgery alternative treatment plans.

    Best Surgery Alternatives For Pain Treatment in Manhattan:-

    It seems like most of the pain dr Manhattan has to offer surgery or a long term consumption of medicines. But as we know that there is a lot of risks involves surgery or long term use narcotic to moderate the pain. As I have said earlier some other minimally invasive treatment plans also available that help to avoid the risks involved with surgery. Let’s see what are those treatment plans.

    • Back Pain:- Lumbar radiofrequency ablation, SI joint injection, Lumber epidural.
    • Hip Pain:- Hip pain can be easily cured with the help of medicines but sometimes in worse cases need to consider the surgery.
    • Knee Pain:- The best treatments for knee pain is physical therapy, Steroid injection on the knee.
    • Neck Pain:- Cervical epidural steroid injection, trigger point injection, and cervical facet block injection are some of the best treatment plans for neck pain treatment.
    • Shoulder Pain:- Shoulder impingement treatment, and rotator cuffs treatment are best to recommend options for shoulder pain treatments.

    We advise you to seek the help of a Pain specialist NY when deciding about the best treatment plans. Before carrying out a surgery consider visiting pain therapy manhattan.

    Best Pain Doctor Manhattan:-

    If you’re experiencing the unbearable pain then without taking so much time it is important to ask for the help of pain specialists in Manhattan, who can suggest an effective and minimally invasive treatment plan. The Pain Treatment Specialist center is one of the best clinics for pain treatment in Manhattan. Let’s take a look at some of the services offered by the Pain Treatment Center.

    • Back pain treatment in NYC.
    • Shoulder pain treatment.
    • Knee pain treatment.
    • Neck pain treatment.
    • Hip pain treatment.

    Pain Treatment Specialist center works with some most experienced Harvard trained and board-certified pain specialists in Manhattan. Now Pain Treatment Specialist center is open and seeking new patients.

    They also offer customized treatment plans based upon the symptoms of pain or degree of pain you’re experiencing. To reduce your financial burden they cover most of the insurance plans. If you’re a candidate for any kind of pain written above then you can visit their clinic or can ask for the virtual consultations.