COVID-19 Crises: Redefining Education for Values in Indian Cont

  • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a newly discovered infectious disease caused by a virus named "coronavirus." The lockdown due to COVID 19 has brought people together in the home by a different reason. It largely affected the lives of students and teachers and the Education system as a whole. This shift in education from traditional classroom learning to technology-based learning might be one of the largest educational experiments to date.

    During this time, despite utilizing the opportunity in understanding and introspecting ourselves, we the educators are still busy in completing the well defined syllabus in a traditional way for the purpose of assessment and examination. Repeating well-defined practices and processes in such global crises time raises many valid questions towards our understanding of Education. The so-called educated people do not understand that one must utilize this time to understand the purpose of life or to redefine and relive our culture of values. It is perhaps an opportune moment to reflect on our lives and conduct as individuals, families, organizations, and society in general.

    During this time one must utilize this lockdown time to link education with the development of values. Devoid of the potential to nurture values, education losses its heart and soul. Education should attempt to reawaken the spirit towards the importance of education for values. Everyone is facing the Peace and Security challenges amidst coronavirus. Whatever is learned during this time will determine the way student spends time with their family and loved ones. The twenty-first century showed big concerns about value degradation among people. There is a need to relook at this matter by pinning our hopes on education to fulfill the aspirations and expectations of the public and the society.

    Education for Values is the need of an hour. The role of an educator to complete the syllabus is no longer the need for the present scenario. The educator needs to move towards facilitating young minds towards values development positively to become contributing members of society who follows all the guidelines provided by the state amidst coronavirus.  As an Educationist, I would suggest that during the Coronavirus crisis, the teacher must be given an opportunity to students for personal soul searching, for analysis and reflection: what have I done today? Did I succeed in whatever I did? What is the true meaning of success to me? How can I strengthen the areas where I feel I am succeeding? What do I want to do differently? What do I want in my life? Is it important for me to achieve these things for my own development? Does it fulfill me? What are the relationships that matter to me and what values lead me when managing them? Am I satisfied with the way I run them? Do I want to do something different? During this crisis, personal observation will allow students to accurately understand the core values of their life. The Coronavirus crisis is also an opportunity to examine the family’s strength, and how and where to strengthen it further. How do we survive as a family? Are we a family whose core values are ordered, perhaps saving? Maybe we are flexible? Do we persevere in what we decide? How we manage our relationships in the family. Are we patient with each other? Do we tolerate each other? Are we honest? Do we function well and do things together as a family? At the same time, do we allow each family member to preserve and manifest their own uniqueness? Does everyone feel psychologically safe in the family? Nowadays, the whole family spends hours together. Why have we forgotten to strengthen Family values during a lockdown?

    Whatever term me may use, the importance of developing values has long been embedded in the age-old traditions of Indian civilization spanning over the centuries. The lockdown time provides opportunities to self evaluate the highest aim of life. It would not be wrong to say that people are heading towards understanding the importance of personal, social, and cultural values. During this time, people are reliving their life in a self-disciplined way, with simplicity, handling conflicts without violence, exploring simple but revolutionary ideas as a mark of superior conduct and living. The present article in the form of concept paper subsumes that value education has to be a planned effort by the education system to nurture core universal values. Value education helps to provide a road map to guide students to live a life based on moral principles which are important both in the individual as well as collective context, especially during a global crisis time period. 

    Ms. Ritika

    Asst. Prof.

    Faculty of Education

    Best University in Gurgaon