Vein Treatments For Men

  • Here at Vein Specialist Centers, we’ve been seeing a lot of men coming into discuss varicose vein treatment. And the three top things that I’ve seen over the past let’s say six to eight months are:

    • Varicose Vein Removal
    • Spider Vein Treatment
    • Vein Ablation 

    Now varicose vein treatment in long island is something that we’ve been seeing as a trend for many years now where a lot of men are attending to the large tortuous veins on the legs.  The increased interest is likely related to the increased miniaturization of vein procedures eliminating the need for surgical removal.  

    Spider vein treatment is still gaining interest, but increasingly men are seeking quick resolution of the tiny blemishes on their skin with popular techniques like sclerotherapy and laser treatment.  As we spend more time outdoors in warmer weather, the trend is expected to continue. 

    Vein ablation represents the current generation of treating vein disease.  Venous insufficiency is the medical term and represents the dilation and misdirected flow of blood from the legs back to the heart.  As a consequence, blood can pool in the leg veins resulting in venous hypertension and common symptoms like leg pain, leg cramps, restless legs, eczema, and swelling.  Venous insufficiency is diagnosed with a ultrasound and correctable with vein ablation, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy or a combination of both.  

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