EVLT Vein Treatment

  • Laser treatment For Varicose Veins


    Laser vein removal forms one of the cornerstones of vein treatment in 2020.  It is a minimally-invasive catheter based technology for elimination of venous insufficiency and is uniquely suited to treat varicose veins NJ

    Most premier vein clinics offer a variety of minimally-invasive vein treatments, including endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), liquid sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, and RF vein ablation.

    The choice of treatment is based on your condition and preferences of your vein specialist


    What is Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT)?

    Endovenous laser therapy  (EVLT) is a safe and simple outpatient treatment for varicose veins using an image-guided laser.  Using a tiny catheter inserted through the diseased vein, laser therapy is delivered to the faulty vein for ablation.  Collapse of this targeted vein then re-routes the blood to healthier veins to improve leg vein circulation.

    EVLT is non-surgical meaning that there is no need for any large incisions or extended recovery time. Most often, the procedure is performed by vascular specialists from either vascular surgery, interventional radiology or cardiology.


    What is the exact procedure?

    EVLT is in well experienced hands can be performed without any sedation.   The procedure takes about 20-25 minutes and is done in the office or some other outpatient setting.

    The procedure does require sterile conditions which are prepared before start of the procedure.  The target vein is then imaged using ultrasound and the site of access is numbed with lidocaine (local anesthetic).   Once access is obtained, a catheter is inserted into the vein and passed through using image guidance with ultrasound.  After reaching it's target, additional numbing medication is applied around the vein.   The catheter contains the laser fibers that are activated by the vein doctor once adequate numbing is achieved.  The wire is then pulled back as heat from the laser is distributed by the tip of the catheter until the entire system is pulled out through the original entry site.   This action will collapse the vein permanently and blood reroutes using healthier veins.


    Who is Appropriate For EVLT?

    Vein ablation is a minimally-invasive treatment suited for most individuals with symptomatic venous insufficiency.  This is determined by a focused examination and history by a vascular specialist.  If appropriate, a diagnostic ultrasound can help confirm the diagnosis.  Anatomy learned from the ultrasound can help formulate a treatment plan including EVLT.


    Does Insurance Cover EVLT ?

    Insurance coverage is available for EVLT with certain criteria met or medically necessity.  This is determined in consultation with a vein specialist. Cosmetic procedures are usually not covered by insurance.  Any recommended treatments are validated with insurance companies through a process known as prior authorization.


    What can I expect after endovenous laser treatment?

    The procedure is relatively straight-forward and besides some of the tiny pinches from the numbing medication is essentially painless.  There is no need for any preparation before the procedure unless you plan on having sedation. In that case, a driver must accompany you.

    After the procedure, a dressing is applied to the treatment area and covered by a compression stocking for period of 7-14 days.  The compression stocking can be removed to bathe or shower 24 hours after the procedure.   The majority of patients are able to return to their work the very next day.  A few limitations such as avoiding any heavy lifting or exertion is recommended for 1 week.


    How Successful is EVLT?

    Patients report higher satisfaction with laser treatment than traditional vein stripping. Additionally, a a >90% success rate has been reported with vein ablation using EVLT.  These results are superior to stripping methods for treating varicose veins, with lower rates of complication and higher quality of life scores.


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