Consistently use offensive prayers on all of your tasks

  • Some notes: The Slayer Helm is obtained after completing Smoking Kills, a quest I HIGHLY recommend you finish before beginning Slayer seriously, when you obtain 400 Slayer Points performing jobs. The very best way to OSRS gold get points is do Mazchna's tasks on jobs 1-9 and also the highest Slayer Master's task for task 10.

    Consistently use offensive prayers on all of your tasks for quicker kills. Do Farm Runs to lower the loss gap, which will go away after a few farm runs that day.

    Ranged tank - I am producing this because I love range, and want to be in a position to PVP too. I have heard these are extremely good and fun. Stats? This is what I'm thinking, however I really do want guidance to make it simpler! Defense - XX - Not sure, what is the very best? I suppose about 80 for the best armor and eventually 99. Prayer - 74 for rigour. HP(constitution)- As low as you possibly can? To keep CB down for pking.

    Should I pursuit my shield XP? I have learned to do this, not sure why. Is my stats above the best potential, or is there better? What is the least expensive way to receive 74 pray? I presume regular bones on a guilded altar, although slow. What is the best bow to buy RS gold use? Anything else I need to know?