Personally, though, I have always wished to be in a position

  • The scope of the maps I would hope for, at least for example, is to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta have the ability to travel from something such as the Naberius Forest into the Tundra, to have the ability to climb up to the ruins and explore that in a smooth route. But if they ended up falling the procedural generation of the maps, this could end up like how Warframe and Dragon's Dogma Online setup most of the open field maps in which you would drop in to certain locations and expect certain enemies and bosses at those places.

    Personally, though, I have always wished to be in a position to parkour-sprint through the regions like the first opening revealed. What we got in Episode 4 (which introduced the Dash Rings to my understanding ) was neat because it let's do a jump similar and it let's sprint but I did not like the way that it was very"sticky" and linear feeling and how the ordinary movement in the game is otherwise very slow even with the step-jump sprinting. Games like Warframe are very nice for me to the freedom but it definitely would break so many of these games, so I believe I'd love sprinting that feels like"sprinting" like in Dragon's Dogma.

    It appears that all trend items regardless of it it's an outerwear, outfit, or throw part are also usable alongside all of the registered cosmetics that can be consumed in PSO2:NGS.

    It was pretty clear that this was true however to have some confirmation is great nevertheless.

    Actually no. If that is what you meant. You can use everything from PSO2 in NGS and viceversa. You may however use accessories from PSO2 and NGS with any sort of outfit regardless of origin. This makes me slightly worried, I hope that the decorative items from PSO2 still get some kind of visual overhaul, so it might seem weird equipping PSO2 Graphic clothes on a PSO2NGS personality. Additionally, it states your have 2 player models, you are going to use a PSO2 model for PSO2 outfits along with a NGS model for NGS outfits I imagine Outfits and Layerwear are intended to a specific body type and buy PSO2 Meseta would have to be recreated in order to match the new and enhanced body. So instead they just ported it as is and made a body that fits them.