OSRS RuneScape participant wqnts to try RS3 out

  • As I am getting close to my first 99, together with 70 in battle OSRS is becoming... stale. I love RuneScape but I wish to RuneScape gold try something diffrent. What are some tips and guides for someone like me, before I begin RS3? Which skills should I work on first, maybe some should have quests? In case you have anything important to say about old school RuneScape player that wants to try out RS3, please do!

    Essential skills for end game PvM stuff (which doesn't take long for to btw, few months actually ):All battle styles (range, melee, magic).Prayer to 92 or 96 and temple in senntisten quest series for curses (soul split and combat buff curses specifically) curses are an alternate choice of prayers. Like switching a spellbook. Herblore to 96 for overload potions. At precisely the exact same time work towards T70 armour and weapons. Want at least this gear level to begin bossing. Beyond these, I don't believe there are any other PvM based skills. Everything else is normally optional or required to unlock certain things (agility shortcuts, etc..)

    Unsure which skilling is a money maker nowadays. Normally stick to bossing for money. Or Placing in the GE. I changed to RS3 from OSRS. I find it a good deal better. Combat is a lot more engaging than prayer switches. Pictures are much better which adds to it. Lots of stuff to do and finest part (I believe ) is that getting to close end game ability levels does not take nearly as long. OSRS seems more about the journey to 99 whereas RS3 is less about the journey and much more about stuff you get to do once you are there. Just my thoughts.

    Always OSRS people being curious about this side. Been watching DarkWorldOrder and Fausty on Youtube, as both have videos looking into RS3 from OSRS RuneScape players standpoint. I don't really know what I'd suggest starting with buy RS3 gold as it's been so long since I started myself and even then things have changed a long time. Personally always been very interested in finishing Quests, especially. For those who have some knowledge of RuneScape itself the coming RuneScape player -manual could be point.