Imagine ppl expecting a simulation adventure

  • Imagine ppl expecting a simulation adventure from a business with Mut 20 coins the simulation license who advertises their merchandise as SIMULATION. No excuses with the fire power these AND consoles that are have. Frankly I would agree using a simulation mode that is true could be cool and have no issue with that. With that said, you're in a little group of people who'd be cool losing games because of the AI making a"mistake". The players who complain about"cheese" would not be cool using RNG player mistakes.

    Even on comp manner it should be simulation that football concepts should apply. I get what you are saying about counters. Those counters should be based on FOOTBALL. Irl. I, however, can't predict a stock blitz (we KNOW that work lol). I must do a lot of alignment adjustments and"hover" over a DT to glitch out the line. Its something as straightforward as a stretch play.

    Its about the way that it happens. Losing a fake field goal pass into a sequence Lineman like it was Aaron rodgers himself incarnated as a 43, while you had a user and a security covering him is INSANE, especially when it was thrown out of the kicker. I've had games where we shed (squads) because of me blowing coverage as the security. Madden nfl takes that idea and shoves it up your bum with"out of your control" shit, like you marking clowney for double team and they ship 2 at your QB, you change line abandoned, double him and mike the other hand, and he also comes loose UNTOUCHED. When from the NFL has 2 man pressure EVER led to a sack in beneath 2Sec? That's INSANELY WRONG. The team would instantly fire every single one of these players.

    Or even better. When has an nfl team ran every snap is run by outside with buy Madden 20 coins diversions, no misdirects, and so on, and the defenders never maybe THINKING that way may run again? When has sending 8 worked consistently during a match? When I miked a linebacker on a run play I only wish, he wasnt then ignored and never even acknowledged to exist? Than it is to mike who really needs it, its beneficial to mike an immaterial participant to the drama. When has a security ever stood flat footed and allowd the ball to fly 2in and never so much as trying a swat? When has a receiver got free 5 times at the snap versus top tier DBs in man coverage, and ever ran a 5 times inna row?