Printing Of Paper Cup In Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory

  • When it comes to screen printing technology, people may think it is far away from us, but in reality it is not. In many aspects of our daily lives, we can see the shadow of silk screen technology. For example, in the disposable paper cups we usually use, we can find that the appearance of the paper cups has some different patterns, and the paper cups decorated with these patterns are more advanced, so how do these patterns come from? The Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory introduces to you, it is printed by the screen printing machine.

    First of all, paper cup printing needs to choose the appropriate method. Now common printing paper cups have three methods: offset printing, screen printing and flexo printing. Screen printing refers to printing using a screen printing machine.

    Then the paper cup printing also needs to choose a good color. Generally, the paper cup is white before processing. There are four colors to choose from through the paper cup printing, including avoiding purple, orange and other colors. These colors are prone to deviations, leading to the failure of the paper cup printing design. .

    Then the printing design of the paper cup needs to retain a sense of space. Do not print too much space on the paper cup, otherwise it will be more likely to have a negative impact. It is best to leave some space to show the beauty of the paper cup.

    It should also be noted that the paper cup printing and typesetting, to talk about the combination of text and patterns, in order to achieve the best results.

    Finally, we must pay attention to the selection of paper cup ink. In order to prevent the ink film and the PE film from shrinking due to temperature changes, resulting in curling of the printed matter, it is best to choose an ink containing a plasticized free carrier.

    The above are several issues that should be noted in paper cup printing. I hope that through my introduction, I will have a deeper understanding of paper cup printing.