The Added Value of Cotton Nylon Fabric Has Been Improved

  • Recently, in the China Light Textile City market, cotton nylon fabric has interacted with each other in many varieties. Some front-store and back-office cloth companies and large-scale business operators, as well as fabrics with creative styles, have been favoured by buyers from the north and south and garment production enterprises in the secondary market. Local marketing is relatively smooth.

    In the recent market, cotton nylon fabric have interacted in winter and spring. Some cloth companies and large-scale outlets are relatively active in spot transactions and order taking. The new style of cotton nylon fabric, twill, satin, irregular random pattern and plain weave, twill weave and satin weave has fine weave, soft and smooth hand feeling, and is welcomed by its counterparts.

    Recently, the cotton nylon fabric part textile city cloth company and the scale management shop place orders are relatively enthusiastic. Some garment manufacturers of this series of fabrics mainly make casual jackets, trousers and jackets for men and women in winter and spring, with active demand in the domestic market. Due to the increase in spring clothing orders from clothing manufacturers all over the country, the market advantages of some front-store and back-office fabric companies that have passed the green environmental protection and ecological certification are obvious. Some clothing factory purchasers are favoured by green environmental protection and ecological certification fabrics due to the obvious increase in spring clothing orders in the export market. Local purchases are still increasing, the prices of popular creative fabrics are steadily rising, and the added value of fabrics is still higher than that of staple goods products.

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