How Is Waterproof Nylon Fabric Made

  • The waterproof nylon fabric refers to the fact that water cannot soak into the fabric under a certain pressure, and sweat gas emitted by the human body can be conducted to the outside through the fabric in the form of water vapor, thus preventing sweat gas from accumulating and condensing between the body surface and the fabric to maintain wearing comfort. It is a high-tech and unique functional fabric.

    Waterproofing is not a difficult problem for the fabric industry, the key is how to achieve both ventilation and super windproof. Next, we will deeply understand the new high-tech products from the types of waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics.

    (1) air permeability is realized by laminating waterproof breathable films

    1. PTFE film

    The molecular diameter of water vapor is 0.0004 microns, the diameter of light fog with the smallest diameter in rainwater is 20 microns, and the diameter of Mao Mao rain is as high as 400 microns. If a film with pore diameter between water vapor and rainwater can be manufactured, it can be waterproof and breathable.

    2. TPU film

    TPU is short for thermoplastic polyurethane film and belongs to nonporous hydrophilic film. Since the film itself has no pores, the waterproof effect is naturally very good. Ventilating is mainly realized through its hydrophilic property. Depending on the difference between the internal and external vapor pressures of clothes, the vapor is transferred from the place with high pressure to the place with low pressure, thus realizing the function of ventilation.

    2. Breathing through Coating

    Using dry direct coating, transfer coating, foam coating, phase inversion or wet coating (solidified coating) and other process technologies, various coating agents with waterproof and air permeability functions are applied on the surface of the fabric, so that the pores on the surface of the fabric are closed or reduced to a certain extent by the coating agent, thus obtaining waterproofness.

    Thirdly, air permeability is realized through fibers

    1. Venter fabric

    It was designed by Shirley Research Institute of England in the 1940s. It was made of high count and low twist pure cotton yarn with high density and heavy flat weave fabric made of Egyptian long staple cotton. It was originally mainly used as cold-proof and immersion-resistant clothing for British Air Force pilots during the Second World War.

    2.Coolmax fabric

    The sweat can be discharged out of the body by making channels in the fiber, which is the moisture-absorbing and sweat-releasing fabric currently on the market.

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