Bonded Fabric Becomes Mainstream In Market

  • The invention relates to a garment made of waterproof and breathable Bonded fabric, which is mainly used for outdoor sports garments, such as windbreaker, rush suit, ski suit, mountaineering suit and the like, has rough styles, firm hand feeling and very high requirements on product performance, is suitable for outdoor exploration and harsh environment, and plays a role in protecting people.

    Its significance is mainly reflected in the fabric function, which is reflected in the physical performance indexes such as shrinkage, tensile strength, tear strength, PH value, waterproofness, water pressure resistance, moisture permeability, machine washing, etc. The processing technology of these functional bonded fabric is more complex than that of traditional fabrics, involving multiple processing links, and has many functions such as waterproof, windproof, moisture-permeable, washable, warm-keeping, perspiration, etc. Therefore, it is very important to control the quality of textile fabrics in the production process.

    Hydrophilic TPU film and porous PTFE film are compounded with various needle and woven fabrics (various materials of POLYESTER and NYLON are available). The products are as follows:

    1. Comfortable (light weight, elasticity, heat preservation, windproof and waterproof);

    2. Health (moisture absorption, perspiration, mildew and bacteria resistance);

    3. Safety (wear resistance, low-temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance) and other characteristics.

    It is mainly suitable for outdoor professional sportswear such as windbreaker, winter jacket, down jacket, wading pants, mountaineering clothing, golf clothing, bicycle clothing, etc. Due to its good comfort and no environmental problems, it has gradually replaced ordinary PVC and coating as the mainstream of the market and is widely used in all walks of life.

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