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Evaporator coil separates the evaporator systems in the form of
copper core coils, and evaporators of various shapes can be arranged in a
limited space, which maximizes the heat exchange area in a very small

The main application is for cooling liquids such as oil tanks
and water tanks. Due to the spiral shape, the heat exchange area of ​​a single
system can be more than 14 square meters, and the heat transfer coefficient can
reach K≥3000W/㎡℃, and at the same time, due to the continuous scouring of the
evaporated fluid The function enables the tube to float freely and expand and
contract freely, so it is not easy to scale.

If a small amount of water (oil) scale accumulates during
long-term use, automatic descaling can be achieved through the expansion of the
pipe, so the heat exchange capacity will not be significantly reduced after
long-term use, and the heat exchange effect will be good.

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