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Air conditioner is an air conditioner. Hanging type air
conditioner is a unit used to deal with air temperature changes in a space area
(usually closed). Its function is to adjust the temperature, humidity,
cleanliness and air velocity of the air in the room (or enclosed space, area) to
meet the requirements of human comfort or process

The working principle of air conditioner:

The compressor compresses the gaseous Freon into high
temperature and high pressure gaseous Freon, and then sends it to the condenser
(outdoor unit) to dissipate heat and becomes a normal temperature and high
pressure liquid Freon, so the outdoor unit blows out hot air. Then it goes to
the capillary and enters the evaporator (indoor unit). After the freon reaches
the evaporator from the capillary, the space suddenly increases and the pressure
decreases. The liquid freon will vaporize and become gaseous low-temperature
freon, which absorbs a lot of heat and evaporates The indoor unit will become
cold, and the indoor unit’s fan will blow the indoor air through the evaporator,
so the indoor unit blows out cold air.

When the water vapor in the air encounters a cold evaporator, it
will condense into water droplets and flow out along the water pipe. This is why
the air conditioner will produce water. Then the gaseous Freon returns to the
compressor to continue compression and continue to circulate. When heating,
there is a component called a four-way valve, so that the flow direction of
Freon in the condenser and evaporator is opposite to that of cooling. Therefore,
when heating, the outdoor air blows cold air, and the indoor unit blows hot

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