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Zhang Yiming is an insatiable person. Although his life is
getting better and better, he no longer needs to seek orders everywhere, but his
vision is higher. Since the air can be adjusted, can the air be purified in the
spit and inhalation of the air?

In 1993, at an annual meeting of the air-conditioning industry
held in Hangzhou, someone proposed the idea of ​​"purifying the air with
air-conditioning", but this idea was not implemented by enterprises. However,
Zhang Yiming became a man of interest and decided to change this vision into

After learning that the Shanghai Second Military Medical
University has achieved considerable results in air disinfection and prevention,
Zhang Yiming approached them. After many friendly negotiations between the two
sides, Xingchang Company and the Shanghai Environmental Microbial Control
Engineering Research Institute under the Shanghai Second Military Medical
University established Partnership.

Since then, Xingchang has invested more than 3 million yuan in
funds, and technical researchers have begun research on new topics. After 7
years of struggle, Zhang Yiming succeeded.

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