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Cast iron Bushing is used in many construction
sites, and ductile castings have high strength and toughness. Because the
ductile castings have undergone special treatment, such a strong material can be
obtained. Because the ductile castings are so strong, the application of ductile
castings is also very extensive. When the production of ductile castings is
completed, how should they be accepted?

1. The main materials used in the manufacture of ductile cast
pipes, whose suppliers have passed the ISO9002 system.

2. The internal anticorrosion adopts the centrifugal cement
mortar lining, which requires a smooth and uniform appearance without

3. External anticorrosion adopts zinc spraying and bitumen
coating, and the zinc spraying is in accordance with the international ISO8179

4. The ductile iron pipe shall meet the safety evaluation
standard of GB/17219 drinking water distribution equipment and protective

5. Nodular cast pipe, the pipe length is 6M, and the wall
thickness is K9.

6. The quality requirements and test methods of rubber rings
shall meet the standard of "ISO4633-1996 (E) Interface Rubber Rings for Water
Supply and Drainage Pipelines" respectively.

After the introduction of our Xingchang Fan factory, you should
have a certain understanding of the acceptance of ductile castings. Only after a
certain standard of inspection can the produced product become a qualified
product. Our ductile castings are also tested. Our products also include
compressor crankshafts, air compressor crankshafts, etc. Welcome to inquire: