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At the initial stage of fan
wheel operation and during all regular inspections,
whenever there is an opportunity, it is necessary to check whether fan wheel has
defects such as cracks, wear and dust accumulation.

Whenever possible, the fan wheel must be kept clean, and the
dust and scale on the fan wheel should be brushed regularly with a wire brush,
because with the extension of running time, the dust can not be uniformly
attached to the fan wheel, which will cause the balance of the fan wheel to be
damaged and even cause the rotor to vibrate.

In addition to improving the dust removal effect of dust
collector, the most effective way to reduce the wear resistance of fan wheel is
to add lubricant to fan frequently. By special means, wear-resistant and ceramic
materials are changed into high-temperature or high-temperature resistant metals
and high-speed particle streams, which are sprayed on the blade surface of fan
wheel, thus forming a layer with much higher wear resistance, high temperature
resistance and oxidation resistance than fan wheel itself. This method can not
only reduce the damage of fan wheel dynamic balance caused by wear, but also
reduce the imbalance caused by oxide layer.

As long as fan wheel is repaired, it needs to be dynamically
balanced again. If conditions permit, portable balance tester can be used to
balance on site. Before dynamic balancing, it is necessary to check whether all
fastening bolts are tightened. Because fan wheel has been running in an
unbalanced state for some time, these bolts may have been loosened.

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