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Do you know what an empty air compressor crankshaft is? In fact, this is
also a kind of parts, which are used more in our life. Especially in our life,
there are still many products made with such products. But do you know what role
the crankshaft of the air compressor plays in it? Let's take a look at

Crankshaft action of air compressor

1. The crankshaft converts the gas pressure from the piston
connecting rod group into torque for external output. It is also used to drive
the valve train of the engine and other auxiliary devices.

2. Crankshaft composition: main journal-used to support the
crankshaft. Full support: the number of main journals of the crankshaft is one
more than the number of cylinders. Good strength and rigidity, reduce wear and
tear; Diesel engines and most gasoline engines are used.

3. Incomplete support: the number of main journals of the
crankshaft is less than or equal to the number of cylinders. The load is larger,
shortening the total length of the crankshaft. Crank: Consists of a connecting
rod journal, cranks at its two ends and a main journal. Common damage of
crankshaft: surface strain of journal, bending or twisting deformation of
ablated crankshaft, crack or even fracture.

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