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Ductile casting is a kind of workpiece produced after nodular
casting. This kind of workpiece has high strength after nodular casting, and its
comprehensive degree can even be comparable to that of steel. In the case of
complex stress, it can also guarantee strength, toughness and resistance The
abrasiveness is very high. In the production of nodular cast iron bushings, the surface iron of the
nodular cast iron needs to be removed.

On any surface, free iron will rust and corrode stainless steel.
Therefore, it must be cleared. Floating powder can generally be removed with the
dust. Some have strong adhesion and must be treated with embedded

In addition to dust, there are many sources of surface iron,
including ordinary carbon steel wire brush cleaning and shot blasting with sand,
glass beads or other abrasives previously used on ordinary carbon steel, low
alloy steel or cast iron parts, or Repair the non-stainless steel products
mentioned above near the stainless steel parts and equipment. If the stainless
steel is not protected during the cutting or lifting process, the steel wire,
the spreader and the iron on the work surface are easy to embed or stain the

Did you understand something? Ductile castings are a very useful
product, and we must pay attention to these details during production to ensure

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