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When designing interior decoration, many aquarists will put an
ornamental fish tank in the living room, not only to increase the beauty of the
living room, but also to cultivate sentiment in the free time, but the acrylic
plate material of the ornamental fish tank should be maintained with reasonable
maintenance. Do you all know how to do it? Today, Mirror Acrylic will give you
aquarists the tips on the maintenance of ornamental fish tanks and the
advantages of using ornamental fish tanks.

Four tips for the maintenance of ornamental fish tanks. In
normal times, if you find that there is dust on the fish tank, you can use
chicken feathers, or wipe it with a cloth moistened with clean water; if you say
that the fish tank is stained with oil, then you need to dip the cloth on the
cloth. Put an appropriate amount of water and soft detergent, and then gently
scrub on the fish tank.

If you want to keep the acrylic panel of the aquarium aquarium always
bright, you can use liquid polishing wax. The steps are: choose a soft cloth,
pour polishing wax on it, and then evenly scrub it on the aquarium to keep the
acrylic sheet bright. degree. If you accidentally watch the fish tank with a
missing corner, don't panic. You can apply IPS adhesive glue to the damaged
position, and then glue the piece that fell off and wait for it to

Because you usually don’t pay attention, if you make scratches
on the acrylic plate of the aquarium fish tank, or a certain degree of wear,
then you need to use a polishing machine, install a cloth wheel on the polishing
machine, and evenly distribute the liquid polishing wax. Apply to the damaged
area. What are the advantages of using ornamental fish tanks? The acrylic sheet
material of ornamental fish tanks is made of special materials, which has
outstanding weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and has a very good
insulation function.

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