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The patterns on the jacquard fabric are not ordinary printing or
embroidery, but are woven in with yarn. When fabric weaving, the warp and weft
structure changes to form different patterns, resulting in patterns, precise
yarn counts and high needle thread density. The fabric is very thin and not
thick, but also very soft and dense. It has high requirements for cotton and
requires finer yarn weaving, which is about 40s.

Is the jacquard fabric comfortable?

The fabric of jacquard fabric is very soft. If you touch it
carefully, we will find that the delicateness of this fabric and its common
smooth feel are very suitable for use close to the skin. Of course, the luster
of the jacquard cloth is also very bright, even if it is washed in a washing
machine, it will not appear to fade. Of course, inferior jacquard fabrics are
not cleaned, and it is not recommended to buy them here. A good jacquard fabric
has high air permeability, and its dyeing is even and reliable, so it will not
fade. It is precisely because of this characteristic of jacquard cloth that it
has won a considerable market.

What is the difference between jacquard and

Embroidery means that after the cloth is woven, the pattern is
usually embroidered by a machine, and the color will not fade during washing,
and it has good breathability and moisture absorption. Jacquard means that the
patterns on the fabric are woven with yarns of different colors when weaving.
Compared with embroidered fabrics, the cost is higher, the quality is better,
and the air permeability function is better.

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