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What are the characteristics of graphene fabrics?

1. Graphene is essentially a single-atom carbon, which exists in
nature itself, so graphene is not so-called only laboratory. Generally, when the
pencil we used is scratched on the paper, one or more layers of graphene will be

2. The graphene structure is stable, which is why the ink mark
drawn by a pencil can be stored stably. It is precisely because of this
characteristic of graphene that graphene can be made into a very thin material,
while the toughness is also very strong, 200 times that of the same grade steel,
and the stretching range can reach 20% of its own size.

3. The fiber structure is almost transparent, and the thermal
conductivity is better, even better than diamond and nanotubes.

4. It has the function of strengthening cellular immunity and
has the effect of anti-inflammatory and inhibiting germs.

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