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Mattress protector is specifically a protective
cover for a mattress, which is cut and sewn according to the size and shape of
the mattress. The main part of Mattress Protector is a protective bag. A circle
of zippers is installed on four sides of the protective bag, or zippers can be
installed on only three or two sides, and drooping lace can be inserted on the
sides of the protective bag.

Compared with the existing bed sheets and bedspreads, mattress
protector is not easy to slide, has good sanitary effect, is elegant, convenient
and practical.

Next, how to use mattress protector:

1. When purchasing, choose mattresses that can be detached from
the surface. After all, what is really easy to dirty is the bed surface and side
surface. The detached mattress is convenient to clean in the future.

2. When cleaning the bedroom at ordinary times, remember to
cover the mattress with a covering so as not to get dirty.

3. For families with children and rooms with large indoor dust,
it is recommended to buy dark color mattresses so as to resist dirt.

4. purchase dark mattersprotector.

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