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Of all the teams in the Mut 20 coins

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    Sep 20

    Of all the teams in the Mut 20 coins, the Rams should know this can backfire. They were involved in a similar trade in 2012, but from the other side, and they earned a haul of useful players while their trade partner got a catastrophe.The then-St. Louis Rams gave up their No. 2 pick, which Washington used to select Robert Griffin III. In return, St. Louis got three first-round picks and a second-round pick. St. Louis traded some of those picks for more picks, and eventually ended up with eight picks.

    Those Rams did a heck of a lot with those eight picks. They got three starters -- left tackle Greg Robinson, middle linebacker Alec Ogletree and defensive tackle Michael Brockers. Brockers just had the best season of his career, Ogletree has been fine, and while Robinson has struggled, he's only in his third NFL season. Janoris Jenkins had several productive seasons with the Rams before signing a big contract with the Giants this offseason.

    Meanwhile, RG3? Well, you might've heard how that turned out for Washington. After a brilliant rookie season, injuries set in, and he was unceremoniously cut this offseason after several seasons of stress.The Rams got so many more useful cheap Madden 20 coins players out of the trade that it became an NFL inside joke.

    When St. Louis played Washington in 2014,Jeff Fisher trolled his opponent by sending out six players acquired using picks from the RG3 trade to take the coin toss. The Rams got a quarter of an NFL defense, while Washington got a QB-sized hole and a bunch of fans with jerseys they can never wear out of the house again.